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Vegan porcelain material and collection Vibes

Der vegane Porzellanwerkstoff Noble China wird zur Produktion der neuen Profi-Kollektion Vibes – Can you feel it? verwendet. Trend-oriented products with which individual gastronomic concepts can be implemented are desired. Tabletop porcelain, everyday and extraordinary, multi-sensory experiences – with porcelain and delicacies of the kitchen connect not only culinary pleasure, but also beauty that can be touched and felt.

Woman pours sauce into vegan porcelain plate
Schönwald “delight”

Tabletop from Schönwald with Vibes

Vibes, the new collection of professional porcelain from Schönwald can be used and combined in a variety of ways; whether with the Coffee Tasting glass collection or the Delight collection.

Cheese platter arranged on vegan porcelain. Cheese variations, red wine pears,
Vegan porcelain and glass combination

Vibes and the glass collection Coffe Tasting

The contrast between smooth and relief surfaces impresses. The BoneWhite color tone makes the Vibes collection timelessly elegant.The concentrically arranged rod relief on the flags directs the guests’ gaze to the food and shows it off as if framed by sunbeams. This effect is enhanced by drop-shaped elements that complement the delicate rod relief and condense the overall image around the mirror.

Covered with vegan porcelain
Vegan porcelain from Schönwald

Vegan porcelain material Noble China at Vibes by Schönwald

The repetitive rhythm of the relief radiates a pleasant calm and conveys familiarity in turbulent times. At the same time, the raised sticks catch the light and discreetly pick up on the interplay between light and dark.

“Those who already use the Delight porcelain collection can bring a whole new look to the table in a budget-friendly way with the trendy items from Vibes,” says Gabriele Dettelbacher, Communications Manager at BHS tabletop, describing the possible combinations of Schönwald’s porcelain collections.

Schönwald Porcelain as an impulse generator for professional porcelain

This current collection Vibes borrows from the 60s in its modern interpretation. Fine elevations, reliefs, catch the light and make the natural white, BoneWhite, stand out. The elevations are slightly offset and arranged radially. The play of light and shadow invites you to touch.

Vegan porcelain material and trends 2022 offer you inspiration to make your table a “Tischlein deck’ dich”. Vegan porcelain material and trends 2022 offer you inspiration to make your table a “Tischlein deck’ dich”.

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