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The digital whiteboard for your guests

If you expect meeting guests to project presentations onto yellowed screens or photograph handwritten notes from a whiteboard, you shouldn’t be surprised at declining bookings. The solution: The ProLite TE7502MIS-B1AG replaces flipcharts, whiteboards and projectors with state-of-the-art technology. Its 75-inch infrared touch display has 20 touch points and is easily operated with fingers or pens. The built-in iiWare 9.0 (Android OS) software offers apps like Note, Web browser, file manager and WPS Office so your guests can conveniently present and edit content. When the work is done, everything can be backed up to the internal 16 GB storage, external USB drives, or directly to the cloud. By the way, the device is also extremely popular as an interactive info panel in the hotel lobby (and is also available in 65” and 86”).

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