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Sustainable design with handmade bricks and brick slips

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Recoveredis a social initiative under the aspects of sustainable work with sustainable products in Pakistan in the brick industry.
Massive injustice, inhumane working conditions on some of the brickfields, as well as the systematic exploitation of minority groups moved the founder, Marcel Harder, to launch his initiative in 2019.
The workersinside in the brick fields are often not remunerated with a fixed salary. but paid per brick formed. The bricks must dry in the sun, so work cannot be done during the rainy season. Therefore, the workers must In order to bridge the rainy season, the women inside obtain microcredits from their superiors so that they can provide for their families. This creates a relationship of dependency, because the loans have to be paid off in the coming season. Repayment from one season is not possible. So more people from the family have to work to make up for the mismatch. A vicious circle develops. The debts have to be paid off over generations. Due to the lack of access to education, the workers have no meaningful alternatives available to choose from. Even if an outsider paid loans from workers , the vicious circle would immediately re-emerge.
A sustainable solution means opening fair production facilities that produce independently of the weather and in which the workers, after repayment of the loans, can work all year round for a fixed wage. The main products, bricks and brick slips, are made from purely naturally occurring materials, clay and sand. The ecological footprint should be as small as possible. Packaging and transport routes are designed with ecological aspects in mind. Otherwise, the principle of off-setting applies, such as in the area of transport.
The products such as clinker brick slips are offered in various colors and shapes of facing bricks. The aim is to create the illusion of solid stone. The conveyed feeling of solid, timeless solid stone should create a feel-good atmosphere in the interior design of e.g. hotels. They can also be used as modern clinker facades in outdoor areas. They can be used in the gastronomy as well as in the hotel industry.
PAPA RHEIN HOTEL was used the fabricated brick slips in the lobby, staircase, Cosman Suite and outdoor spa area.

This is what Recovered has done in Pakistan. The vision is to establish a sustainable circular economy where everyone involved can benefit. Manufacturers, customers and the environment are integrated into it.
Recovered effects:

  1. Creating fair jobs
  2. Release of families from debt obligations
  3. Produce sustainable resources

-anzeige-zum Mediadaten Slider von hotel objekte
-anzeige-zum Mediadaten Slider von hotel objekte

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