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Urban quarter Ostbahnhof Munich crowned with Adina Hotel

Ms. Mary Noonan, Director Design and Projects, Adina Europe talks to the editors of hotel objekte.

Ms Noonan is talking on the phone. It’s the 9th floor of the flagship Adina Hotel Munich at Atelierstrasse 22. The former industrial quarter around the Ostbahnhof once belonged to German Pfanni dumpling manufacturer. With a height of 86 metres and 16 floors this hotel tower is a masterpiece. The view of the city and the Alps is staged dramatically and humorously as a conglomeration of work and leisure. “Theatiner Church”, the dome of “The Church of Our Lady” and the Alps are hotspots to be seen.

IN contrast to the city views are the , glimpses of three sheep, two chickens and one dog on the neighbouring rooftop. Tradition and contemporary modernity in harmony are the vision of Werner Eckart, TFE Hotels Australia and Adina Germany Holding. Creating energy from diversity. Creating ultra-modern living as if living in the countryside and working vertically to create space horizontally. Architecture and interior design in harmony, with dramatic breaks, timelessly cosy and yet sophisticated.

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Ms. Noonan, you are Australian and Director Design and Projects Adina Europe. You have lived and worked in Germany for a long time. Is this symbiosis reflected in your work?

Being able to work for an Australian company in Germany as an Australian is a dream for me. The same language and the same sense of humour make the work easy. When dealing with other negotiating partners, it gives me the opportunity to use humour to make people pause even in difficult situations and to bring a certain lightness to the negotiation.

Please introduce the interior design concept briefly.

The compatibility of architecture and interior design and the harmony of both is important to us. In collaboration with seidel-architekten, this has been achieved excellently.

We combine classical modernism and the tradition of the German Bauhaus. The expression remains striking and is carried forward as an idea in the interior design. Important elements of the concept are the unobstructed view, the sky, the Alps, and the colour blue.

How is the motto reflected in the interior design?

We used a lot of wood, along with warm leather colours like cognac, and created warmth through fabrics, carpets, and a corresponding lighting concept by Weiser Lighting. The warm light as “Golden Glow” also welcomes the guests when they enter their studio. This is controlled via the room locking system. The room card is inserted and when the door is opened, the room lights up automatically.

What do you particularly like about the bar and restaurant?

The bar with a view of the city of Munich invites you to have a “sundowner drink” and at breakfast guests can enjoy the view of the Alps.

What characterizes the conference rooms?

The conference rooms with view are an adventure and the location is probably the highest that Munich currently has to offer. The motto here is “work and play”. Leather armchairs and sofas are chic and casual at the same time. These rooms are also well-suited for private events, with modern furnishings sophisticated and relaxed.

How do you outline the public areas?

Lobby, bar, and restaurant cover two floors, the view is dramatically staged by V-shaped wooden beams from floor to ceiling. The island bar is oval and lit from within by a light installation within glass. The room doors are deliberately coloured dark. Grey river stones as a motif in the carpets play with the blue of the water. This is recurring in accessories and furnishings.

I mention six keywords, what do you associate with them?

Foyer: “Welcome”
Conference Rooms: “Work and Play”
Sauna: “City View”
Pool: “Blau”
15. Stock: “Terraces and Large Planters”
Outdoor terrace: “Sundowner Drink”

TFE Hotels
Medina Property Services Pty Ltd
Level 5, 45 Jones Street, Ultimo, NSW 2007, Australia
Board of Directors: Allan Boyd Vidor, Adrian Paul Whiting, Anthony Robert O’Hea, Bruce McKenzie Copland, Chong Chee Lui, Arthur Kiong Kim Hock, Joanna Yin Yin Gok, Dianna Ee Choo Lin

Adina Germany Holding GmbH & Co. KG
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Tel.: +49 30 863 298 0
Fax: +49 30 863 298 599
Email: info@adina.eu

Adina Hotel München | Atelierstrasse 22 | 81671 München

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-anzeige-zum Mediadaten Slider von hotel objekte

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