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Perfect hygiene as a room concept

With Look&Wave, Schäfer Trennwandsysteme creates innovative toilet partitions with contact-free door opening

The guest can often operate the faucet, toilet flush, soap dispenser and hand dryer without contact using sensor technology. Only the door handles represent a central gap in this concept. Schäfer Trennwandsysteme GmbH from Horhausen in the Westerwald offers the right addition with the WC partition system Look&Wave. The opening and closing mechanism is controlled with the help of modern LED sensor technology. Look&Wave smart doors open and close automatically, setting a new mark on technological development. The product for places where hygiene is essential.

This closes the hygiene gap in the non-contact toilet room. The built-in LED display automatically signals when the toilet needs to be cleaned or is ready for use again. The staff can lock or open the door from the outside at any time using a magnetic key. Control and drive parts are easily accessible for maintenance and provision is made for a power failure. In an emergency, the doors open fully automatically. The design is based on safety, the sensors detect blockages and brake the locking mechanism.

“Architectural highlights call for exceptional design”

We can find this slogan on your homepage. Which product reflects the 2021 trend in the upscale sector?
The trend in the upscale sector is floor-to-ceiling toilet partitions. Nowadays the customer prefers the more privacy through the closed wall situation. The color scheme should be classic; so plain and simple. Of course there are also customers who like the “fancy design look”. However, that depends on the property and the interior designer.

Everything was contact-free except for the toilet door. How did the development of this product come about?
At the beginning there is the customer. Every product development is stimulated by customer requests. We listen to the customer, record their wishes and needs and develop a product. So there is an outcome that is beneficial to the customer. That was also the case with Look&Wave. Every product in the sanitary room was touch-free, except for the door. There was the handle here. We wanted to change that, also to complete compliance with the hygiene chain. We are closing the gap with the development of the touch-free toilet door.

Do you have a gastro reference project?
Yes, a McDonald restaurant in Oldenburg. It used to be said that the restroom was the establishment’s calling card. Here it is. Reviews about a restaurant are actually about the dishes. In Oldenburg, the toilet has the best and most reviews. On a highway, good reviews are a reason to stop and eat. That’s advertising.

What was the biggest challenge in this project?
The biggest challenge was whether the technical development of the product would stand up to the demands and whether customers would also use the sensor opening intuitively and correctly. The most outstanding aspect about this project is the super reviews about the toilets. With so much traffic, day and night, and for 1.5 years, the system is still working without any problems. And it also proves that the customer is using the product intuitively and correctly. This in turn speaks for the technical maturity of our product. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Does your sensor also have an analytics function that records frequency and compliance with cleaning procedures and interface with the hotel’s housekeeping laptop?
The interface is brought in via a building control system or a building management system. In these systems, the workload and information on the frequency of use can be quantified. In a conference hotel, for example, it can be recommended via the control system that it is better to use the toilets on the upper floor because those on the first floor are all occupied.

Innovative technology for a maximum hygienic user experience

Is there a situation at a business meeting that is exceptionally important and particularly gratifying to you?
Yes, as soon as the blinds go up in our conference room. Then the customers see our entire portfolio and I see their eyes open in amazement. Our product range and our export share speak for our internationality.

What helps you to develop new strategies or new products?
The product range and the export share prove the international nature of our company. The customer is always important. Because we listen and work carefully, we find the solution for the customer and the market. We know the differences in the desires and cultural background of our customers all over the world and show respect to these aspects.

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