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Elegant Tailor-Made Design Solutions from L’atelier Fantasia

L’atelier Fantasia constantly strives for excellence in the field of interior design. Dedicated to their core design values of elegance, comfort and happiness, the company offers a full range of services for luxury residential design.

Design Director and Founder, Idan Chiang leads the way with her strong philosophy of unifying various disciplines for the creation of elegant, contemporary style. Having majored in sociology as well as being an interior designer, she is also an art collector and educator and currently serves as on the Board of several Taiwanese organisations, all giving her an even deeper insight into the industry.

L’atelier Fantasia’s ethos is to develop the successful integration of different departments for the smoothest, complete design process done by specialist in design, furniture, art or administration. The furniture department was established to include international members, ensuring globe trends and developments are always kept at the forefront of all potential design and planning. With their role ensuring absolute understanding of every project they can carry out efficient project management and deliver design solutions that closely follow the client brief while bringing every aspect of the process seamlessly together.

-anzeige-zum Mediadaten Slider von hotel objekte
-anzeige-zum Mediadaten Slider von hotel objekte

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